Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Balancing at Wheeler Peak, USA, 2007

On the ledge below the summit of Wheeler Peak in the USA.. The rock was very fragile so it was a challenge getting to the balance point. Wheeler Peak is over 13000ft high, the air is thin and your head trippy after climbing from 9500ft.. beautiful place though.. highly recommended..

Friday, February 16, 2007

Global balancing.. Whats it all about!

People have been asking 'why do yo stand on the edge of a cliff on one leg'.. All we can say is 'why not'. Its hard to justify things in life and at the end of the day we just do them anyway. Ok, its not an extreme sport, we know that (although you dont want to slip, trust me), its just play time for us, but when you've hiked up from the the bottom of a canyon, pushed hard all the way and your legs feel like jelly, its a great challenge to stand on the edge, control your balance in high winds while watching your footing and getting all spaced out looking down at the ground below... Its just about having fun, no strings attached...

Its not just about the balancing part, its the whole package deal for us. At the end of the day you get a wicked day out climbing up somewhere with ya mates, great banter, mind blowing scenery and at the end of it all, a great opportunity to get a slight buzz and capture some good pictures before going the pub for some beers and a slap up meal... We've bungeed, jumped out of planes, crashed mountain bikes.. been there, got the t-shirts.. but being able to do something different, throw a different twist into every weekend, is what its all about for us..... beats sitting playing on Playstation or staring at a TV all day.

We hope you like some of the pictures we have put on so far.. Click on them for a bigger size. When we travel abroad on our next active brits mission or during our hiking, biking, climbing trips in the UK, if we find a good spot, we'll take some more..

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The active Brits posse.